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The First Group company is known for its expertise in delivering income-producing property of the highest quality. The company has established partnerships with renowned industry specialists, which in turn results in the increasing value of its properties for buyers and investors.

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My wife and I recently got back from Dubai. We visited this city because we were invited by The First Group company. They guided us through all the projects and we were really impressed with the hotels that are already operating. We even chose what hotel we will put our money into. As soon as we finish thinking about details we will start completing documents. The company is so reliable and trustworthy we have no doubts about our investment.


I was advised on collaborating with The First Group company by my business partner. He said he’s working with them for 5 years already so I decided to give it a try as well. When I contacted TFG representatives, I was shown all their existing projects including the off-plan ones. I was offered a wide range of options that suited my requirements and financial possibilities. Now all the bureaucracy is over so I’m just waiting for construction to be finished. All the process goes as per dates specified, so I’m pretty satisfied.


    Hi there I’m looking to invest with the first group. Would like some insight into the company


Not quite a cheap purchase, eh? Still, when I started gaining knowledge considering this type of investment, I learned that the building quality, area, economic situation and economic tendencies matter, and matter a lot. I’m glad to be the company’s client for more than 2 years already.

I. J.02.03.2016

Huge thanks to Michael for his professional consulting services and his immense help in choosing the apartment.


I’m from Germany and I take my family for holidays in Dubai at least once a year, mostly in winter. I appreciate the climate, safety and perfect infrastructure in the emirate. So we visited the office of TFG company and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the manager’s help. She advised us on the object choice, and helped to pick the most suitable option, from the point of view of price in particular. We will sign all the documents in the coming days, just before our flight back home.


I think investing in Dubai property is the best option for Indians. There are much less opportunities in our countries, and thanks to TFG I can safely stay in my homeland. All the business with searching clients and renting and stuff will be up to the company, and I will simply get my money wherever I live. Quite convenient, as for me.


It’s profitable to invest in Dubai so the only question I had was what company to choose. I took some time to analyze the market and figured out there are lots of developers. Still TFG seems to be the most reliable one. After I contacted them via emails and phone calls I got their invitation to visit Dubai. When I got there, their manager accompanied me in my trips to all the projects, both off-plan and already functioning ones. As an architect I can say that the quality is impressive. I am completely sure my investing with TFG will be really profitable.

Simon R28.11.2016

Surely it’s always tricky to invest in foreign property. It’s all about risks and doubts. But thanks to The First Group company, I can now be sure I made just the right choice. I am happy I trusted this company with my money. Thank you so much!


I’m kind of living in 2 countries: I run my business in Dubai but my family lives in Baku. Dubai is a great place to have a business, there is no tax on income and there is no need for double-entry accounting. So when I got the necessary sum of money I decided to put my capital into hotel units. Once I thought it was not so easy in terms of renting and stuff. Then I learned about TFG company and their offer, and got excited: after you put money in their projects you don’t have to search tenants and do paperwork or anything – TFG makes everything for you. The units’ price is significant, but it’s worth it. I’m glad to cooperate with TFG.


Thanks for the investment tour through the company projects. My manager’s name is Zhanna, and she was very kind to answer all my questions.


I am from Azerbaijan. I am working with TFG company for the second year already. I am glad to be their client. I have returned to Dubai now. I am planning to invest in another project and I am sure I will be happy with it again.


My business has never been handled with such a professional care. I was invited to visit Dubai by TFG company. Their invitation allowed me to make myself familiar with all the projects, including off-plan ones. Basically it’s impossible to leave empty-handed ? I am really happy with the TGF staff’s work, and I hope for a beneficial partnership in the years to come.


We are grateful to TFG for the job they did for us, they are true professionals. Looking forward to our project handover!


1. I thought I’d never be able to go through all the investment process in Dubai. I’m a foreigner, so I was kind of scared to even start looking for the property options. Luckily, I met The First Group, and that was the best decision of my life. I’m still excited with the way they solve even the trickiest legal issues.


I bought a hotel unit in Dubai from The First Group and I’m really satisfied with the financial result. It is a great investment opportunity, I should say


As a foreigner, I was afraid I wouldn’t have many options to enter Dubai real estate market. Still, the investment solution from The First Group turned out to be just fine, and I had no legal issues whatsoever.


Well actually TFG offers quite nice options for those who want to invest in hotel properties. What’s the most convenient, they take all the leasing responsibilities upon themselves, and all the other bureaucratic issues as well. It means you don’t even have to stay in Dubai all the time, which is great news for foreigners. I’m still considering the details of my future investment, but as for now there are no better opportunities than the offers of Dubai market.


I researched the market deeply until I made this decision to buy a hotel unit in Dubai Sports City. One of the main reasons was the reputation of the developer: it’s made by The First Group company that is well known in my home country


My husband’s company is closely involved in World Expo 2020 event, so he recommended me to invest in property in Jumeirah Village, Dubai. That’s how I made contact with The First Group to buy a hotel in the area, and I am content with the decision


The First Group is the company that makes your dreams come true. I’m an owner of their property for some time now, and I just saw my first ever financial reports. The performance is unbelievable. I have no doubts I’ll achieve even more than I expected. I’m so thankful I can’t even put it in words!


I bought my first hotel unit from The First Group in 2013. Then, I got another one in 2016, and this year, I came to their office again. I am incredibly happy to always get attentive and patient treatment, and I’m glad to see their activity is up to the highest industry standards. This is the stability and security everyone wants. When you plan to trust a company with your money, of course it’s one of the first parameters to look for.


    What’s the annual returns


After all these years, I’m still happy to be a client of The First Group. Their diverse and multinational team always shows top class professionalism and consistency. Basically, that’s exactly what I expect to see when I invest in someone’s venture.


I bought a hotel unit from The First Group quite recently and I’m still under impression. The building quality is incredible! Plus, the managers are very professional and they try their best to offer multiple solutions.


The guys from The First Group always got my back. As an owner of several units in their hotels, I never have to worry about any management or finance issues even though I live in a different country. Our long-lasting partnership proves that I can rely on their guidance and simply enjoy the money.


I am absolutely excited about my investment! I really really love the hotel I’ve bought into, and I am sure the revenues will be great. The First Group truly builds wonderful properties


The First Group is awesome. I had a very pleasant experience with it. My estate agent was very helpful and honest with his opinion. He understood my needs. Thank you


I was a little nervos as I decided to invest in 2 rooms in the hotel, cause I’m not a true investor. The manager of the company offered me one-or-two options that totally satisfied my requirements. It’s very important, I didn’t waste my time. 10 out of 10.


First time I’ve heard about the company at the GIOHIS 2018 and was very amazed by their speaker. After the summit I googled about TFG and decided that I want to be a part of it. Now I’m in talks with their managers and it seems to me that The First Group has the best team in the real estate industry.


Nothing special for that kind of money. I guess the service must be ALWAYS great if you want to take on an investor. All in all everything was okay.


TFG managers are people who I can trust fully. No mistakes, no screw-ups. Highly recommended.


Liked their local office very much, good to see they follow their headquarters’ policy all over the globe. Glad to know I can always get a top treatment


I had the pleasure to work with The First Group and Ive been extremely happy with them. My manager was super knowledgeable about Dubai’s real estate market and provided me with the best service ever. I would highly recommend TFG to everyone!


What a great team! Since the beginning they were very organized, helpful and on top of everything else extremely polite! Thank you The First Group! You have made my “Dubai dream” come true!


I started working with The First Group about 3 years ago and so far, I highly recommend it. I am very impressed with the way they do business and I feel comfortable investing with a company that shares my values.


If you’re looking for someone who is hard working, knowledgeable about the real estate market in Dubai and who gives you the best service ever, contact The First Group. The managers are extremely proactive and always available. Highly recommended.


We had a wonderful experience with The First Group! They do their best to help you choose the best property among the existing ones and they really care about the people they work with! Highly recommended!


Michael is a true professional who has a great background in the real estate business. He is patient, knowledgeable and always available. We appreciate your knowledge and professionalism! Great job!


If you want your money to work for you, contact The First Group. I am very pleased with the service they’ve provided for me and the property I’ve invested in. Dealing with them is an absolute joy!


Without question, the best decision I’ve made over the last 5 years was investing with The First Group! These guys are awesome. They are extremely helpful and know how to get things done even in a very short time frame! Thanks a lot! I’m really happy to work with you!


I made up my mind to cooperate with The First Group after reading many positive reviews on different online platforms. And you know, I’m very happy with their work. The team was super attentive to all my needs and provided the best customer service.


It was honestly a fantastic experience! I want to thank the team for helping me with choosing and buying such a beautiful hotel room in Dubai. You did a great job! Thank you so much!


I am very pleased with how well my experience went. Everything was handled expertly! Now I feel hopeful and excited about my future. I’ll definitely post results as they come!


The First Group lived up to my expectations. They made the whole process easier for me. Their sales managers went above and beyond for each of their clients and I would recommend this company to everyone

S. J19.03.2019

The first group is awesome. We had a wonderful experience with them & highly recommend to our friends. All the staffs are really helpful & down to earth.


Awesome real estate developer, very professional team, timely response! I am pleased with the work of this comapny. All tasks were fulfilled with high quality. Great job!

Alex Nn06.05.2019

All thumbs up for their friendliness, efficiency and customer service. Absolutely the best service we could find in Dubai!


I have found the team very helpful, approachable and friendly. Interesting projects for investors. Keep up the good work guys!


I had the opportunity of working with The First Group and they are great! I’m  incredibly appreciative of their expertise and help. Go with them. You will not be disappointed.